Hyperplastic Other is a group of related works comprising performance, video, computer-generated sound, and chocolate. Taking oblique inspiration from alternative models of personhood found in the writings of Derek Parfit and David Roden, Hyperplastic Other thematizes identity as multiple, partial, ambiguous, and subject to radical transformation.

What Happens When I Divide?

A series of concerts at the Chapel Performance Space, Seattle. Each performance was visually recorded and projected onto the rear wall of the stage during the subsequent performance.

Hyperplastic Other

A collection of sonic works for computer, realized using a two-dimensional array of 17,040 values between 0 and 1, which was divided into 71 parametric paths. This matrix and its constituent paths were used as a common control template for several commercial software synths, whereby each path was assigned to a synthesis parameter of every synth. Navigation along the paths was controlled via a Max/MSP graphical interface. The resulting collection of recordings was presented in two cassette formats, plastic and chocolate, with digital files. Stream or download here.